Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet - Woodworking Plans

Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet - Woodworking Plans!

This 45 1/2” w x 23” d x 43 1/2" h Recycling Bin Cabinet is an original Stonehaven design that combines the look and charm of an antique furniture piece with the practical management of the recyclable waste we generate. The two lower drawers hold roadside recycling bins to enable you to minimize handling of your recyclables.

It features a narrow pine face frame with inset slab drawers. The two decorative pilasters help to highlight the 3/4" depth difference between the upper and lower tiers.

The interior and drawers are made of natural finish Birch plywood.

Our Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet woodworking plans include:

  • dimensioned drawings
  • colour photographs
  • a materials and hardware list
  • complete step-by-step instructions
— all in a 29-page printable PDF file that you won't find anywhere else.

This cabinet is sized to accept two 26"w x 16" d x 14" h recycling bins. You can adapt these plans to fit your particular roadside recycling bin dimensions.

These woodworking plans are suitable for any DIY'er with intermediate skills and typical woodworking shop tools.

Stonehaven products are for your personal, non-commercial use only. For other licensing arrangements, please contact us through our website:

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